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And still I wait for my “Writing Team” to actually produce anything in writing.  

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"The Vagabond" from Songs of Travel by Ralph Vaughan Williams, sung by Bryn Terfel.


Nocturne in Black and Gold – The Falling Rocket

Affronted by The Falling Rocket, John Ruskin accused Whistler of “flinging a pot of paint in the public’s face” in the Fors Clavigera. As a leading art critic of the Victorian era, Ruskin’s harsh critique of The Falling Rocket caused an uproar among owners of other Whistler works. Rapidly, it became shameful to have a Whistler piece, pushing the artist into greater financial difficulties. With his pride, finances, and the significance of his Nocturne at stake, Whistler sued Ruskin for libel in defence. In court, he asked the jury to not view it as a traditional painting, but instead as an artistic arrangement…However, his case was not helped when The Falling Rocket was accidentally presented to trial upside down. His explanation of the composition proved fruitless before the judge. The Ruskin vs. Whistler Trial, which took place on November 25 and 26, 1878, was disastrous for Whistler. While he did not lose, he only won a farthing. After all the court costs, he had no choice but to declare bankruptcy. Whistler was forced to pawn, sell, and mortgage everything he could get his hands on.

However - however - The Falling Rocket is a precedent of the inevitable path towards abstraction in modern art, and is one of the most significant of Whistler’s paintings for this reason. For the 1870’s it’s basically avant-garde. I love the shadowy, transparent people in the foreground on the shore of the beach.

Anyway I feel like Ruskin was prone to changing his mind about things so whatever.

(yes I did write a paper on this once how can you tell)

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Strikers from unemployment relief camps en route to eastern Canada during the “On to Ottawa Trek”
Kamloops, British Columbia, June 1935
Photographer: Unknown


The mounties had a (violent) hand in bringing down the “On to Ottawa Trek.” Contrary to popular belief the RCMP do not have a particularly good history and can be a difficult topic for Canadians.


Circa 1910 - Y.M.C.A Kingston Ontario

Vintage Postcard

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Women’s hockey team, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario] 1917. Whitton, C. / Library and Archives Canada / PA-127274.

My forebears at Queen’s. “C. Whitton” (Charlotte Whitton) became a very feisty lady in politics and was mayor of Ottawa.

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City of Kingston Ontario Canada.  

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Chaplin & Linder

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Panel from One Thousand and One Nights by Venetian artist Vittorio Zecchin, 1914.

Fun fact: you can tell an Italian is from the Veneto or Friuli-Venezia Giulia region if their last name ends with -in (pronounced “een”, with emphasis).

For example, my mom was just listening to the old Italian comedian Cecchelin (check-e-LEEN) from Trieste. That’s what made me think of this when I saw the artist’s name. My mom is also from Trieste… okay carry on…